About me

I was born in 1950 in Nürnberg, Germany. Sometimes I skipped school and spent the time on various scrap yards instead.

Each day I found something different which arouse my interest and for which I found a new use. I was fascinated as each of these objects had already had a life in its former function and therefore a story to tell.

During handicraft lessons, my teacher was in despair because of my alternative approaches.

However, I created some gorgeous artwork and also received awards for it. Later on, with only 30 Deutsch Mark I founded a horticultural business with which I set new standards. For seventeen years I was in charge of this very successful business counting sixteen employees in the end.

When I built my first pond out of old concrete and brick in 1985, first people thought I was crazy.

However, more than 2.000 additional ponds and fountains followed. It was during this time that I found my creative streak. Therefore, I created my first water games, clocks and sculptures.

 Nowadays my creations can be seen in the ARAG house in Nürnberg, the Headquarter of Conrad Elektronik, in the Landesbank München, in the Arabella Hotel in Frankfurt to name only few. You can also find one of my fountains in Paris and another one in Provence.

In 1992 I met my present wife, a Frenchwoman. The birth of our son changed my views and directed my life into a new direction: from then on I dedicated my life to my family and the sculptures.

I moved to Paris and from there to Provence. Now my family and I live in Alsace. Here in Ratzwiller I want to create a sculpture park with various artists.

“The beginning is half of the success” has always been my motto and therefore I still go to scrap yards at least five times a month to find old scrap that I can turn into beautiful sculptures.


Engelbert Leichauer